What do you do when you leave your home country and cannot find your favorite food in the new world? YOU MAKE IT! That’s exactly what started California Currywurst Kings about 8 years ago. Currywurst is a German Sausage soaking in delicious hot Curry Ketchup – the number one finger food in Germany.

Expanding on this staple WURST (German for Sausage) - the three friends from Germany now offer a much expanded repertoire of locally hand made artisan Sausages - ranging from Wild Bore with Cranberries to Surf and Turf - Angus Beef with Chili/Lime Shrimp... all getting their authentic German taste-twist by using spices directly imported from Germany... the only way to make them authentic !!

Well, enough said - try our delicious family of Sausages by ordering online, have us crash your party with our Sausage Car catering option - or swing by one of the locations where CCK Sausages are served !!

Curry on,The California Currywurst Kings

Angus Beef with Anaheim Chilis and Smoked Paprika
Pork with Garlic and Scallions and Parsley
Smoked Pork with Garlic
Pork with Curry
Wild Boar with Cranberries and Rosemary
Pork with Cumin and Habanero
Very Hot!
Angus Beef with Shrimp and Mango
Austrian Style Cold Smoked Dry Cured Sausage with Beef and Pork
Smoked and fully cooked 100% Chicken Breast with less than 7% Fat from Macadamia Nuts
Beef and Bulgur Wheat with Brazilian Spices - get it just in time for the World Cup
(limited supplies)
500ml Bottle
500ml Bottle

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California Currywurst Kings LLC, 2721 29th street, 92104 San Diego, CA

Due to the fact that all our Sausages are handmade we cannot guarantee to match the weight of your order exactly, but we'll do our best to get within a couple of ounces.
Please indicate your preference for going over or under the amount ordered.